Ribbon Cutting

Plan a Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon cuttings are typically performed for new business openings, but you can use a big pair of scissors to cut a ribbon for any big occasion for your company.


Young Professionals

WKC Young Professionals is a group dedicated to connecting, empowering, and educating up and coming professionals in the community to make a greater impact.


Executive Management Round Tables

The Executive & Management Roundtable Program provides structured discussion groups of no more than 15 business executives, owners, leaders, and professionals. The same group of participants gathers in person each month in a confidential setting to discuss issues affecting their businesses.


Business Diversity Council

We are collaborating community and business leaders to facilitate discussions that lead to change as we uncover issues and concerns for those in the diverse communities of Wyoming, Kentwood, and surrounding South Kent County suburban areas.


Government Matters

Unlock the Power of Advocacy with Our Government Relations Platform! Dive into a world where your voice shapes policies, your business thrives, and your community flourishes.


Principles of our work



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