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Keith Morgan


Keith Morgan is the President of CEO the Wyoming Kentwood Chamber and focuses on supporting local business growth and advocacy.  As a leader, consultant and coach Keith has helped many businesses growth and provide expertise, advise, and direction in the following areas: sales, management, and business development.  Keith works to ensure the local business climate is advantageous for all.  Keith is a visionary with a drive towards action and he uses his vision of a better and brighter tomorrow for the local areas he serves to drive collaboration, awareness, and training for local business.  In his leadership at the chamber, he has created tremendous momentum in leading the way to increased chamber membership, service and training provided through the chamber platform for local business, volunteer leadership growth, and new key stakeholder partnerships.  Keith’s administrative and management abilities have led to increased governance, staffing, and financial stability.  His leadership and vision led the chambers pivotal change in brand and identity from one of a more traditional brand that represented the chamber of yesterday to one that is new and vibrant that represents a more fresh, vibrant, and innovative chamber for today that will lead the way for a brighter tomorrow. 

His unique business experience in a for-profit corporate setting, having been a small business owner, and now serving in the non-profit c-suite has allowed him to develop his strong business acumen.  Keith was brought to Michigan from Indianapolis, Indiana through sales and spent most of his year in a corporate setting running sales divisions spanned Michigan and Northern Indiana and was responsible for over $27 million in annual sales revenue for a Fortune 100 company.  After attaining and MBA Keith had an itch to try his hand in entrepreneurialism where he gained experience founding, growing, and selling a small business in the service industry.  After ten years of growth, 20+ employees and over $1 million in sales he sold that service business and pivoted into investing into other business ventures.

Keith serves on numerous boards and committee ranging from serving on the Board for Brownfield and Economic Development for the City of Wyoming, the Economic Development committee for the City of Kentwood. He serves on the on the United Way Campaign Cabinet, West Michigan Welcome Plan, Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals Event Planning Committee, and Michigan Economic Development Association Education Committee.  He successfully completed a Business Leadership Fellowship through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

Keith earned his bachelor’s degree from Wabash College, where he joined the fraternity Phi Kappa Psi, played four year of college football, and ran track.  He later earned his MBA in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University graduating Summa Cum Laud.

When Keith was in the second grade, he started riding the bus with his sister, and sometimes by himself, from North Indy to downtown Indy to meet his mother as her place of employment.  There he would walk past skyscrapers and see so many professional businesses people on their way to somewhere “important”.  Like most children from the neighborhood, he had dreams of playing professional sports or being an entertainer as a means for escaping poverty, yet envisioned whether that was possible or not, that ultimately, he would ultimately join the ranks of businessmen either in leu of or after experiencing the dream of being a pro athlete or entertainer.  From early on he had a dream of one day joining the ranks of these business professionals.

In his spare time Keith enjoys variety.  He likes trying new things, new foods, new cultural events, and like to stay on the move.

Fun Fact: As a high school student Keith tried his hand in entertainment and was in a rap group that danced and performed on several platforms that ranged from inaugural celebrations, to performing for half-time shows, to doing a video for Indian Bell, which lead up to a career highlight of performing with Salt-N-Pepa at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, IN.


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