Government Matters

Government Matters

The committee monitors government activity and other public policy issues affecting the South Kent business community on behalf of Chamber membership and communicates relevant developments to the membership. The committee serves as a liaison between the business members of the Chamber and government officials on the local, state and federal levels. The committee represents all local business and serves as the voice of local business on behalf of local businesses.


Government Matters meet the second Monday of each Month from 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

In April, May, June, October, November, & December at Kentwood City Hall 4900 Breton Rd SE (1/2 mi. South of 44th St; 1/2 mi North of 54th St.)

In January, February, March, July, August, & September at Wyoming City Hall 1155 28th St SW (Corner of 28th and Michael)

Within our Chamber of Commerce, we play a vital role in advocating for the interests of our business members at the local government level. The primary objective is to establish and maintain positive relationships between our local business community and government entities. Here are key functions and activities typically undertaken:


Advocacy and Representation:

    • Policy Advocacy: We actively engage in advocating for policies that benefit our local business community. This involves partnering with local, state, and national chambers and associations to help monitoring proposed regulations, ordinances, and policies that may impact businesses and providing input to local government officials.
    • Representation: We regularly represent in partnership with local businesses for local business concerns at various city council meetings, public hearings, and other relevant forums to ensure the business community’s perspective is considered.


Communication and Information Sharing:

    • Communication Channels: We understand our business leaders are focused on running their businesses and cannot be expected to be aware of all policies and updates that filter through on a weekly basis; therefore, we work to establish effective communication channels between the business community and local government. This may involve regular meetings, newsletters, or forums to disseminate important information.
    • Policy Updates: Our chamber works to keep our business members informed about changes in local policies, regulations, and upcoming decisions that could affect their operations.


Collaboration with Local Officials:

    • Relationship Building:  We are constantly building and maintaining positive relationships with local government officials, including council members, mayors, and relevant department heads. This fosters a collaborative environment where the concerns of our business community are understood and considered.
    • Networking Events: Our chamber organizes events like our legislative luncheon and our monthly Government Matters panel discussion that facilitate interaction between business leaders and local officials, creating opportunities for dialogue and relationship-building.


Issue Resolution:

    • Problem Solving: At times we may act as a mediator in resolving issues between businesses and local government. The committee may facilitate discussions, provide information, and work towards finding mutually beneficial solutions.


Community Engagement:

    • Public Outreach: We stive to maintain a healthy relationship with the broader community to build support for policies that benefit local businesses. This could involve community forums, education initiatives, or other outreach efforts.

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