Business Diversity Council

About the Business Diversity Council

We will also provide training quarterly for members of the council, business & community leaders, as well as development and training for individuals and businesses in our target audience.

Wyoming and Kentwood are the largest two neighboring communities to Grand Rapids.  With a combined community of 130K residents (Population: Wyoming = 75K and Kentwood = 55K) these two communities alone represent one of the most diversely represented communities with 40%, or 52,000, people of color living and ultimately working in and around our local communities. This large segment of our local community has large implications on our entire community and is truly an asset. We have an opportunity to assist talent shortages, develop new business initiatives, and deliver growth opportunities. 

Our advisory council is working with key stakeholders to uncover and target actionable items that the council uncovers as having the most impact throughout our local business communities. 

We are collaborating community and business leaders to facilitate discussions that lead to change as we  uncover issues and concerns for those in the diverse communities of Wyoming, Kentwood, and surrounding South Kent County suburban areas.

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