Signature Events:

Annual Dinner

Our annual dinner serves as a significant and vibrant gathering that brings together the local business community in a celebratory atmosphere. This event is a cornerstone for our Chamber and our efforts to foster a sense of unity and collaboration among businesses, providing a platform for networking and relationship-building. The annual dinner typically showcases the achievements and milestones of the business community over the past year, highlighting the collective impact on the local economy. It serves as an occasion to recognize outstanding contributions, honor key figures in the business community, and strengthen the bonds that form the foundation of a thriving local economy.

Our annual dinner offers a unique networking opportunity, bringing together a diverse array of businesses, entrepreneurs, and community leaders under one roof.  With 100+ business leaders together create fertile ground for forging new partnerships, exchanging ideas, and discovering potential collaborations. Our annual dinner serves as a platform for businesses to gain visibility and recognition within the community.

Being present at such a prominent event allows businesses to showcase their products, services, and achievements, enhancing their brand image and reputation.  Attending the annual dinner demonstrates a commitment to community engagement and involvement, showcasing a business’s dedication to the local area’s prosperity and development.

This dinner is a valuable occasion for all businesses to connect, celebrate successes, and contribute to the collective growth of the local business ecosystem.

Fabulous 15

Our Fabulous 15 recognizes 15 of South Kent County Area’s emerging young professionals.   Our young professional awards celebration holds immense value as it recognizes and honors the accomplishments of emerging talents in various industries. This event serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements of young professionals, acknowledging their hard work, innovation, and dedication. Beyond individual recognition, the celebration fosters a sense of community and mentorship, encouraging networking and the exchange of ideas among the next generation of leaders. By showcasing and celebrating the success stories of young professionals, this event inspires others, creating a positive impact on the overall professional landscape and contributing to the development of a dynamic and motivated workforce.

Networking Events:

We have something for everyone!  Business professionals keep all various hours and not all times work for everyone.  We intentionally have events that hit all times of the day.  There is no reason you can’t find one of these events that will fit your schedule.  Come join us to hear about upcoming events, meet other professionals, and make the networking for your business pleasurable.   Our networking events take place at various locations, so we have a change to showcase new and familiar businesses.  We focus on creating inviting environments, so everyone feels welcome!

Connect over Coffee

  • Join us for one of our networking events that is relaxed, early, and inviting.
  • Join a group of professionals looking to network during the morning hours, so they have the rest of the day to focus.

After Hours Events

  • These after hours allow those who like to relax at the end of the day with some good professional company and a beverage of their choice.
  • Join a group of professionals looking to network at the end of the day, so they can relax and meet old and new friends after a hard day at work.

3rd Friday Luncheon Networking

  • Our 3rd Friday Luncheon is one of our traditions that has meet for years nearly every 3rd Come eat, network, catch up with old friends, and meet some new friends.

Benefits and Orientation Breakfast

  • Here is an opportunity for new and prospective members to join us for some information on how to get involved and engage with your local South Kent Chamber.
  • If you have never been to a chamber event or have had little to no engagement with your local chamber, THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO JOIN US!
  • This event is FREE and we provide coffee, a continental breakfast, or at times a buffet. We enjoy meeting new businesses and supporting old ones.