Building Our Businesses to Build Our Communities

Our chamber works with Wyoming, Kentwood, and the surrounding area businesses by providing regular events for networking, advocacy, trainings, leadership programming, and numerous other activities which help the business community to thrive.

Welcome to the South Kent County Area Chamber of Commerce!

Welcome to the South Kent Chamber of Commerce — where innovation meets community growth! Building our businesses to build our communities has been our mantra since our founding in 1980. For over four decades, we have been a steadfast presence in the region, pioneering progress and fostering a vibrant business landscape. Our mission is clear: to improve our region’s quality of life through unwavering business support and development.

As a dynamic chamber, we are committed to propelling businesses forward and contributing to the prosperity of the South Kent community. We pride ourselves on being a catalyst for positive change, embracing innovation, diversity, and inclusivity in everything we do. Our chamber is a testament to the power of collaboration, where visionary entrepreneurs, established enterprises, and emerging talents come together to create a thriving ecosystem.

In our journey spanning more than 40 years, we’ve witnessed the transformative impact of businesses on the fabric of our community. The South Kent Chamber of Commerce is not just an organization; it’s a legacy of progress and a symbol of resilience. We invite you to explore the rich opportunities and resources we offer, from networking events to exclusive support services. Join us in building our businesses to build our communities — because together, we shape the future. Welcome to a chamber where innovation meets opportunity, and success knows no bounds.

Get Involved - Opportunities to Join

Executive & Management Roundtables

The Executive & Management Roundtable Program provides structured discussion groups of no more than 15 business executives, owners, leaders, and professionals. The same group of participants gathers in person each month in a confidential setting to discuss issues affecting their businesses.
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Government Matters

Unlock the Power of Advocacy with Our Government Relations Platform! Dive into a world where your voice shapes policies, your business thrives, and your community flourishes.
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Young Professionals

The South Kent Young Professionals is a group dedicated to connecting, empowering, and educating up and coming professionals in the community to make a greater impact.
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Business Diversity Council:

Our advisory council is working with key stakeholders to uncover and target actionable items that the council uncovers as having the most impact throughout our local business communities.
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